Bartomeu announces Barcelonas participation in a major tournament before his resignation


Bartomeu announces Barcelona's participation in a major tournament before his resignation


Before his resignation from Barcelona’s presidency on Tuesday, Josep Bartomeu said that the club had approved a proposal to participate in the new European Football League Super League in a move that would guarantee the team’s material future.

“I can announce some exceptional news … on Monday, the board of directors approved the requirements to participate in the European Super League in the future, a project supported by the big clubs in Europe,” Bartomeu said.

The agreement to join the European Super League needs to be ratified by the members of the Catalan club.

Media reports said last week that six billion dollars had been allocated to launch the new competition, with the participation of 18 clubs from the five major leagues, and with the support of the giants Liverpool and Manchester United.

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Barcelona club president Bartomeu resigns

It is noteworthy that Bartomeu and the rest of Barcelonas board of directors resigned on Tuesday, before a vote of no-confidence that was scheduled for next month.

Source: Agencies


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