Basant Shawqi gets upset and throws her phone after a disagreement with her fiance Mohamed Farag on the red carpet!


A dispute occurred between the Egyptian actorMohamed FarragAnd his fianceeBasant my longingOn the red carpetEl Gouna Festival International Film Festival, its fourth session, yesterday evening.

And in the details, he got excited Mohamed Farrag Ali Basant because of her delay, which led to the absence of seats for them in the special screening of the film “The Boy” by Charlie Chaplin, according to what was reported by the Egyptian newspaper “Al-Watan.” They asked them to stand for a few minutes to take pictures of them, but Farraj refused to do so. Basant got into a state of anger, which led her to throw her phone on the ground and Farraj tried to correct the matter in front of the photographers, and soon he picked it up from the ground and they entered together to watch a movie.

The voice of a person who was an eyewitness to what happened is heard in the video Basant my longing He repeats, “How do you see you threw the phone on the ground,” which confirmed the existence of something incomprehensible between them.

What strengthened those weights was that Mohamed Farrag He left the place for her to take pictures alone while he quickly picked up the phone and invited the party from the ground after she had thrown them both Basant my longingBecause of this embarrassing situation, he stopped talking with one of the organizers until the end of a cent, from the pictures.

And before the completion of the photo shoot, the Red Carpet went out of light, and she was very excited, and she entered a state of anger, and with a quick step she took her things from Mohamed Farrag And preceded him to enter the hall alone, amid the astonishment of the audience.

He was the artist Mohamed Farrag He has officially announced his engagement from the artist Basant my longing, At the opening ceremony of the third session of El Gouna Festival The cinematic, as he confirmed in televised statements from there that he was excited to watch the movie “When We Are Born”, in which he co-starred with his fiancee Basant, to receive congratulations after announcing the engagement.


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