Because of the summit match .. Mortada Mansour threatens and threatens Muhammad Fadl and the Five-Year Committee


Counselor Mortada Mansour, Chairman of the Club’s Board of Directors, warned the five-year temporary committee that runs the Football Association against the farce of decisions to deduct points from the team in the summit match in the first round.

The club president said during his session with the owners of the Zamalek groups and pages, that he warns Mohamed Fadl, a member of the committee, wishing that he will stop what he does.

He continued, “We did not allow a farce in the Zamalek and Al-Ahly match, which we refused to play, and we spoke with the Minister of Youth and Sports and suggested that he sit down with the players of the two teams in order to calm things down.”

He added, “Some people suggested that we go to the match and do a charade by dropping the players due to injury and then canceling the match, but I vehemently refused this matter and told them Zamalek not to do that and we decided to go to the youths to play the match, the bus was late on the way because of the torrents and weather conditions, and in the same match it was delayed. Al-Ahly and the rulers for the same reasons. ”

The club president explained, “We did not run away from the match, and if the juniors had arrived at the stadium, we would have won the confrontation, and then he considered the team a loser and deducted 3 points, and this is contrary to the rule because they should have investigated the reason for not attending Zamalek, it was possible that there would be a compelling reason and this is what Event”.

The club president cited what the five-year committee had done in the same matter with Al-Masry Club Al-Port Said, but in the end they canceled the penalty from Al-Masry and re-met again.

Mortada Mansour sent his message to Amr Al-Ganayni, saying, “You hate Zamalek because of your affiliation with Mamdouh Abbas, and you worked against the club in the summit match.”


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