Beware from tomorrow … thunderstorms that reach the extent of torrential torrents in a number of governorates (details)


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The official page of the Ministry of State for Information published a warning to the governors of coastal cities, Cairo and Lower Egypt in order to quickly prepare for the expected weather fluctuations, starting from Tuesday evening, October 20, to absorb the expected amount of rain, and that the depression was 95%.

The depression will start in the governorate of Marsa Matrouh first, on the evening of Tuesday, October 20, “very heavy thunderstorms that reach the level of torrents”, and from Wednesday morning the depression begins to move east to Alexandria at dawn on Wednesday 22 October, “heavy thunderstorms.”

The depression will reach Cairo (thunderstorms of medium strength). There is no need to worry, but we have to warn 3 days before the onset of the amount of rain expected to fall in preparation for receiving it and for the governors of coastal cities to prepare for that … (The situation continues for 4 days until Saturday 25 October) (Do not forget to wear autumn clothes starting on Wednesday due to the significant drop in temperatures), wait for details of the depression and determine the final amount of rain on Monday.

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