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In fact, last Thursday’s debate was not won by Biden, and the improvement in Trump’s performance did not lead to a decisive reduction in the difference between the two sides, because the bulk of the electorate decided his choices and the details of the debate did not separate with him much..

The fact is that Biden’s great chances of winning are not mainly due to his power, political presence, or influential rhetorical capabilities like his former president Barack Obama, but rather to Trump’s mistakes and poor performance..

In fact, any elections between two political candidates or projects usually define two types of supporters: the first of them is what can be called a “solid supporter”, that is, one who is an integral part of the political candidate’s project, and he rarely reviews himself or his tendencies, as he is with his candidate for ideological and political reasons unjust or Oppressed, and there is soft pro (Soft) He may change his choices in the event that he is disappointed in his candidate or his party, and there is secondly the swing voter who makes up his mind at the last minute..

What is certain is that the US elections know supporters of Trump (Hard Core) The man is whispered and with him “in spirit and blood” and there are supporters of the Democratic Party, Biden, and civil and human rights groups that are hostile to Trump and support the Democratic Party under all circumstances..

In fact, the difference in the American elections is due to the fact that there is a side of the current pro-Trump movement that has abandoned him, which represents a large segment of the less radical and intolerant current within the Republican Party and conservative groups.

It is certain that many of these people may not be comfortable with the presence of many foreign immigrants, but he does not call for the complete closure of America, and he may not like blacks, Muslims and Mexicans, but he does not accept assaulting them or justifying the killing of blacks or ignoring their pain, as Trump did, who did not offer condolences to the young man’s family. Black George Floyd and not many others.

Trump’s flustered and unscientific dealings with the Corona pandemic, until he reached the point of underestimating and belittling the deadly virus, part of his supporters scared of the wise conservatives in the Republican Party, especially since America built its progress on science and the scientific mind, so it seemed strange to the random language hostile to science that Trump spoke and considered it the way to fight the virus.

The American President has lost an important part of the Republican party who supported him in the previous elections. It is true that the hardliners are still with him, except that losing part of his supporters from the moderate Republicans, and the Democrats ’preservation of the cohesion of their bloc, and even their attraction to a section of moderate Republicans, all of this makes Trump’s defeat likely..

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