Biden directs sharp criticism of Trump, with Corona injuries reaching record rates – Reuters


US President Donald repeated Trump On Sunday, to say that his country is making progress in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, despite record numbers of injuries, while his deputy, Mike Pence, continued the election campaign despite the confirmation of a number of advisers around him with Covid-19.

That prompted Trump’s Democratic rival Of the bygones To direct sharp criticism, accusing him of surrendering to the pandemic.

With only nine days remaining until the presidential elections scheduled for the third of November, the White House justified that Pence is classified among the “necessary workers” to justify his travel and travel, despite his contact with his chief of staff Mark Short, who tested positive for Corona Saturday.

The White House chief of staff said several of Pence’s senior advisers had also tested positive for the disease.

On Friday, the United States recorded 84,244 cases of the disease and 79,852 cases on Saturday, the largest numbers in a single day since the start of the pandemic that has killed about 225,000 Americans so far and caused millions of people to lose their jobs. This kept the pandemic at the forefront of the presidential race.

Pence will attend campaign events in North Carolina later in the day, while Trump delivered a speech at a campaign rally at New Hampshire airport.

Despite the escalation of the increase in the number of corona infections in many regions of the United States, Trump said, “No nation in the whole world has recovered as well as we have.”

Trump told a crowd of his supporters, many of whom did not wear masks or observe the rules of social distancing, “We are getting over it … we have vaccinations and we have everything. Even without vaccines we are getting over it. ”

“It will be over. Do you know who was injured by it? I .. can you believe that? ”

Mark Meadows, the White House chief of staff, told CNN: “We are not going to control the pandemic. We are in the process of obtaining vaccines, treatments and other ways to mitigate the impact. ”

In a statement issued by the Biden campaign commenting on those statements, the Democratic candidate said that Meadows “shockingly acknowledged this morning that the US administration has given up even in terms of trying to control that pandemic … they have abandoned their primary mission, which is to protect the American people.”

Biden continued, saying, “This was not a slip of the tongue from Meadows, but rather an implicit acknowledgment of President Trump’s strategy since the beginning of the crisis, which is to wave the white flag of surrender and hope that the virus will disappear by simply ignoring it. It did not happen and it will not happen. ”

Trump is due to complete his campaign in Maine on Sunday. Biden has no events on his campaign schedule for the same day.

Although the nationwide polls show a clear lead for Biden, they also show a close race in critical states that may determine the outcome.

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