#Bint_Quesna tops Twitter after a pharmacy student disappeared last Monday, under mysterious circumstances


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Last Monday, Engy Jamal Rizk, a student at the Faculty of Pharmacy, disappeared after she took a tuk-tuk, in the Quesna police station, on her way to Menoufia University.

Hashtag # Dr. Angie Jamal Feen has published on the social networking sites “Facebook and Twitter”.

The brother of al-Mutghibiyeh, Dr. Muhammad Jamal, wrote on his personal Facebook account about the disappearance of his sister, a student in the second year, at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Menoufia University: “I will not find my sister after she left the day on Monday and called her and turned off.”

He added, “I want the security services to know my sister’s path, directing help to search for her and uncover the mystery of her disappearance.”

On the other hand, a large number of social media users wrote distress notes to search for the absent student, and the hashtag #Doctor_angi_jamal_vin was published on social media.

A security source revealed that a research team was formed to reveal the family’s report about the student’s hiding, and that the cameras on the top of the real estate where the student disappeared will be emptied. The cameras were unloaded during the disappearance of the “tuk tuk”, and hearing the statements of witnesses and relatives of the disappeared to confirm that there were no differences Between the family and others, it caused her to disappear.

The Disappeared Student
The place where a pharmacy student disappeared
The place where a pharmacy student disappeared
The place where a pharmacy student disappeared

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