Blind creates a robotic travel bag to aid mobility instead of sticks and dogs


Some people feel lost in the middle of giant hypermarkets, and airports that are full of corridors, gates and escalators, and if this is for sighted people, imagine how blind people feel, this challenge is what Chiko Asakawa, a computer scientist and researcher at the company, faces “IBM”Blind, as she travels monthly between the USA and Japan.

In the event that Asakawa travels alone, usually accompanied by airport employees, which deprives her of her independence and makes her wait for a long time, and in turn, Asakawa created, a high-tech bag that helps her to reach her destination safely and efficiently. This bag is full of cameras, sensors, and many technologies. In a self-driving car.

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The bag uses artificial intelligence to map the surrounding environment, and it works to calculate distances between the user and fixed and moving things, and the mobile application can be used to program your way, so the bag plans your path and directs you using the vibrations in its handle.

The bag also features face recognition technology, which can notify the user in the event that a friend is near him, and this concept has been under development since 2017, in cooperation between the company “IBM” And other Japanese companies, and Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania, according to what was published by the network.CNNNewsletter.

Asakawa says, there are plans to test the bag at the airport, shopping malls, and other public places, and although the trial version is technological, so you cannot pack any clothes in it, that may change in the future..


Asakawa was a runner passionate about Olympic dreams since her childhood, but her exposure to a swimming accident at the age of 11 made her lose her eyesight gradually until she reached the age of 14, and she became completely blind, and says: “I never feel comfortable when I travel alone .. I always think about technology that will help me travel easier Faster and more comfortable. “

She adds that the bag can also be used to help the blind move around in cities, while object recognition technology can be used to identify colors, which is useful when buying clothes, says her creator.

“This will open many doors for the blind, because we will be able to go anywhere by ourselves,” Asakawa added. She also expects that technology will develop naturally, as its elements will become smaller, lighter and more powerful..


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