“Blush Haggis and search for Turkey” … Khaled Al-Jundi attacks calls for boycotting French products


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Sheikh Khaled Al-Jundi, a member of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, commented on the campaigns to boycott French products, saying: “There are people with your move so that they remain a toy in the hands of the Turkish regime, which seeks to cause any destabilization.”

The “soldier” added, during the episode of his program “Perhaps they understand”, broadcast on the “dmc” satellite channel, today, Sunday, that the Muslims’ glands are one billion and 500 million, and the boycott calls are here. Wind electricity, and subways ».

A member of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs added that there are 165 French companies in Egypt with 38,000 Egyptian employees, and French foreign investments in Egypt amount to $ 5 billion, and the volume of trade exchange between Egypt and France amounts to $ 2.8 billion. Be a sane man as you speak. I want to be a sacrifice for the Messenger of God – may God bless him and grant him peace – and show us the morals of the Messenger of God.

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