Breastfeeding is not a shame … the coach of Tigris Women reveals the truth about breastfeeding a player in the match


Mohamed Kamal, the coach of the Wadi Degla Women team, revealed that the image circulating on social media, of a girl breastfeeding a little girl inside the stadium, belongs to one of the team’s players, and not a member of the coaching staff, as is rumored on social media.

Social media pioneers circulated a picture of a girl carrying a little girl inside the stadium of one of the matches, and breastfeeding her with a “bottle”, and the seventh day communicated with the team coach to find out the truth of the image and how this was done on the field.

Mohamed Kamal said in statements on the seventh day that the one who appears in the picture is the team player and not part of the technical staff, and she is called Noura Saif, one of the best Wadii players. Tigris She suffers from a cruciate ligament injury, and at the same time she is rehabilitated from the injury, and she attends the team’s training where she sits on the bench, and for her child she comes with her, but when there is an official match on the land of the Tigris, the player does not enter the stadium, but rather she sees her from the stands Like any member of the audience.

The technical director added that the image circulating is due to the team’s match in front of Al Mahalla fishing the day before yesterday, and its entry into the field is not within the jurisdiction of the Tigris apparatus, rather there is a referee and an observer for the match, because it is supposed to allow those who are registered in the Score sheet, and did no one pay attention to the Tigriss success The tournaments that he achieved, to stop it when feeding on the field.

Kamal pointed out that this is not the first in which the player attends with her daughter, whether in matches or training, and the image does not need all this fuss, saying: “Breastfeeding is not a shame, she will lead her daughter where, whether it is or does not detract from her, but he adds to her that she is diligent. And she combines rehabilitation from injury and his job as a mother, and at the same time preparing to return, especially since the injury from the past season, she is one of the best players in the team, but the injury prevents her from participating as it is cut in the cruciate ligament.

Tigris player while breastfeeding her daughter
Tigris player while breastfeeding her daughter


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