Brigitte Macron’s office declares her negative from Corona, after spending a week in isolation


The office of the First Lady of France and the wife of the President of the Republic, Brigitte Macron, who had contact with a person sick with the new virus Corona, and remained in health isolation, confirmed that she is negative for the Corona virus.

According to the Office of the First Lady of France, “Brigitte Macron did a viral test (RT-PCR) On October 22, seven days after she last contacted the person who tested positive for the virus Covid-19 The result is not positive. “

Last Monday, the wife of the President of the Republic learned that she had been in contact with a person she had met on the previous Thursday, after it was announced that he had the disease..

It is noteworthy that since contacting the patient, she has not shown any symptoms.

This meeting was held in Valence, where she was on an exploratory visit to the future new branch of her youth training institute.

Then she went into solitary confinement according to health regulations and did not show any symptoms.

Her office said: “Brigitte Macron can resume its activities from today.”


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