Cairo bids farewell to the towers … New heights of construction in the capital and the city


Books – Muhammad Nassar:

The Department of Urban Design and Planning at the Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University, has prepared a draft of the new building requirements project in Cairo Governorate for discussion by the General Authority for Urban Planning and approval by the Supreme Council for Urban Planning to start its implementation.

The preliminary – not final – draft included a set of updated general requirements for the new building system in the capital, most notably that the average maximum building height is 13 meters, in addition to the building percentage of the land area not exceeding the average 60%.

The heights of the new buildings to be applied after being approved by the Supreme Council for Urban Planning and the Council of Ministers range from 13.5 meters to 19.5 meters according to the width of the streets throughout the entire Cairo governorate, to be the highest property dedicated to housing in the capital with a maximum height of 6 floors. The new building system.

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