Coincidence brought them together .. Ahmed Al-Awadi and Yasmine Abdel Aziz’s ex-husband | Watch their reaction


Eagerness The artist Ahmed Al-AwadiTo participate in offering condolences to the family of the late artist Mahmoud Yassin, in the Sheikh Zayed area of ​​the 6th of October, without the accompaniment of his wife, artist Yasmine Abdel Aziz.

Coincidentally, the businessman Mohamed Halawa (Yasmin Abdel Aziz is free) was present at the condolences in the company of his wife, the artist Reham Hajjaj, and he left Awadhi Expressed condolences quickly, moments before the arrival of “Halawa and Reham”, in light of the absence of “Yasmine”, who raised controversy because of her lack of participation, whether she was keen not to meet her ex-husband or not.
Many public figures in the funeral, and from the artistic community, attended the funeral of Mahmoud Yassin, after the funeral prayer was held on Thursday after the noon prayer at the police mosque.

The condolences of the men were presented by the screenwriter Amr Mahmoud Yassin (son of the late artist), and the artist Mohamed Riad (the husband of his daughter Rania), and the first attendees were: Sherif Mounir, Laila Elwi, Ahmed Adam, Nihal Anbar, Muhammad Al-Sharnoubi.

The artist Mahmoud Yassin died at the age of 79, after a bus journey during which he participated in a large number of works through a long artistic journey.

The great artist Mahmoud Yassin is still at the top of the trends of social media platforms after his departure last Wednesday.

While the funeral of Mahmoud Yassin was attended by a number of art stars, including Hussein Fahmy, Izzat Al-Alaili and others.

Among the most prominent films of the late artist Mahmoud Yassin, the bullet is still in my pocket, about which he said in previous statements, that filming was carried out in all the real areas in which the war facts took place at the time, namely the Suez Canal, Port Said and Ismailia governorates under the supervision The Egyptian army leaders at the time, who followed all the filming, and its events revolve around the young recruiter “Muhammad”, who returns from Gaza after the 1967 setback, and has an emotional relationship with his cousin, “Fatima”. The film is the story of Ihsan Abdul Quddus and directed by Hossam El Din Mostafa, and he shared the championship all From Najwa Ibrahim, Hussein Fahmy and Youssef Shaaban.

The film “Shadows on the other side” was among his distinguished works, co-starring Naglaa Fathy and Madiha Kamel and directed by Khaled Shaath. The events of the film revolve around the love affair between the two heroes of the work “Muhammad” and “Rose” and cast shadows of politics at the time and the atmosphere of war itself on this story .

“Wall of Championships” was the last film by Mahmoud Yassin, which was dated to the Sixth of October War, as it remained locked in drawers and was not shown to the public for many years, as it sparked much controversy.


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