“Collapse, crying and screaming” … behind the scenes of the judgment session on the “Tik Tok girl”


03:36 PM

Tuesday 27 October 2020

Books – Mahmoud Al-Saeed:

“Tik Tok Girl” collapsed with the roar of al-Hadi inside the dock and entered into a fit of crying and screaming after being sentenced on a case of publishing shameless videos.

The defendant cried for about 10 minutes, before the renditions force transferred her to the deportation car, in preparation for her transfer to Qanater Prison.

Dr. Essam Al-Tabbakh, the lawyer for TikTok Hadeer Al-Hadi, said that the legislator granted lawyers the right to comment on first-degree judgments before the Court of Appeal, explaining that he will file an appeal against the judgment tomorrow, Wednesday.

Today, Tuesday, the Economic Court ruled that the “tik tok girl” Hadar al-Hadi was imprisoned for two years and fined 100,000 pounds on charges of assaulting society’s values ​​and violating public morals by publishing videos that offend public modesty and contain pornographic material.

The security services arrested Hadeer Al-Hadi, 23, in an apartment in the October Gardens area, which she rented a month before her arrest, and the prosecution charged her with making videos that violate the TikTok application, inciting immorality and immorality, and practicing acts contrary to public morals and insulting the values ​​of the Egyptian family , Norms and laws.

Investigations revealed that the accused had created an account on the TikTok application, containing many shameless clips, and the number of followers reached 745 thousand followers, and got 1.4 million likes.

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