Colombia beat Venezuela in the World Cup 2022 qualifiers


The two Colombian strikers, Dovan Zapata and Louis Muriel, copied their brilliance with Italy’s Atalanta to their international career to lead their country to a big 3-0 victory over his Venezuelan counterpart on Friday evening (Saturday morning GMT) in the first round of the qualifiers for the South American continent that qualified for the 2022 World Cup.

The Colombian national team decided the match in the first half with 3 goals, which was opened by Dovan Zapata in the 16th minute, and then Muriel added the other two goals in the 26th and third minutes of stoppage time for this half.

The Colombian national team scored three important points at the beginning of its qualifying career, to top the qualifiers table by goal difference only against their Uruguayan and Argentine counterparts.

Zapata and Muriel stressed that they are important elements of the Colombian team, especially with their tremendous brilliance in the past and current seasons with Atalanta.

Zapata and Muriel were among the most important elements in Atalantas ranks last season, as they played a prominent role in the team’s achievements in the Italian League and the Champions League.

Each scored 18 goals for Atalanta in the Italian league last season, out of 98 goals (a record) that the team scored in the competition and helped them finish the season in third place to secure a place in the group stage of the Champions League this season.

The two players also continued their brilliance with Atalanta this season, as Zapata scored a goal and Muriel scored twice in the team’s first three games in the competition this season.


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