Complete lockdown returns to Europe with fears of a return to the pandemic


The six-week measure will come into effect at midnight on Wednesday (23:00 GMT), according to which all non-essential retail companies will be closed, and the work of bars and restaurants will be limited to providing pick-up and departure services..

“All residents are required to stay at home,” Martin said in a televised address to the nation“.

In a statement, the government warned that violating the restrictions on movement imposed within a five-kilometer range would expose the perpetrator to punishment.

Martin said that schools and childcare homes will remain open “because we will not allow the future of our children and youth to fall victim to this disease again.”“.

وسيتم تمديد Banning visits Home and indoor celebrations, bearing in mind that sporting events at the professional level will be held without an audience.

“If we succeed in the next six weeks, we will have a chance to celebrate Christmas reasonably well,” Martin said“.

Ireland has recorded 1,852 deaths from Covid-19, according to official figures.

The daily death toll reached its peak in April with 77 deaths, noting that the daily toll has remained in recent weeks below ten..

On Monday, no new deaths were recorded, but the country, like many countries, is witnessing an acceleration in the pace COVID-19 infectionsOn Monday, it recorded 1031 injuries.

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