Confessions of a tenth accused twin sister of “imitating pornographic films”


A third-year middle school student admitted that his twin sister had cohabitation with husbands, which led to the birth of a thug child, in the Qanater facility, to the competent investigation authorities, where he said that they were imitating foreign pornographic films.

The defendant added that he had an affair with his twin sister for a year and two months, after his mother left the house and learned to watch pornographic films on his mobile phone, and on the day that his sister caught watching those movies, he convinced her to imitate sexual films and they continued for a whole year.

The defendant confirmed that he did not know that his sister was pregnant with it, but she became very ill and refused to eat, so her father took her to the hospital, and after examining her, he discovered that she was pregnant.

In his confessions, the accused continued that he had agreed with his father to complete the pregnancy of his sister, and after the birth of the fetus, he would be disposed of, and they were prevented from meeting throughout her pregnancy, but the police arrested the father before disposing of the newborn.

The defendant revealed that his mother separated from his father a year and a half ago and left the family home, and that he was on his way to work and back home, and while he was sleeping with his sister in a room, he practiced immorality with her and with her consent.

The investigation authorities decided to place the child in a foster home, and investigations are still ongoing with the son and father, and ordered his detention for a period of 4 days pending investigation.

The Giza investigations revealed the details of the heinous crime, and it became clear through investigations and investigations that the infant had an illegal relationship with a 14-year-old boy and his twin sister, and that he had established an illegal relationship with her for a year, and she gave birth to a child, and the father tried to get rid of the child, and the forces were able to control The father, before disposing of the child in the canal, and confronting him, admitted the details of the incident, and was taken into custody.

The investigations conducted under the supervision of Major General Tariq Marzouq, Deputy Prime Minister of the Giza Security Sector, and Major General Mahmoud Al-Sabili, Director of the General Directorate. .

As soon as the report was received, a force from the investigation unit, under the supervision of Major General Medhat Fares, Deputy Director of the General Investigation Department and Brigadier General Alaa Fathy, Head of Criminal Investigation for the October Sector, moved that the father tried to get rid of a child resulting from an illegal relationship between his son and his twin daughter, and that he was aware of this relationship. He waited until the daughter gave birth to the baby, detained him 24 hours after birth and tried to get rid of it.

Immediately, a police force under the supervision of Lieutenant Colonel Sameh Badawi, chief of investigations in Imbaba, went to the father’s house and arrested his two sons, and the two confessed to the details of the crime and were arrested. The investigation authorities were notified that they had decided to place the child in a foster home and began to question the accused and requested final investigations into the incident.


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