Coordination of Al-Azhar University .. “Medicine” 97.69%, “Dental” 97.08%, and Engineering 95.23% (full result)


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On Saturday evening, Dr. Muhammad Al-Mahrasawi, President of Al-Azhar University, approved the result of coordinating admission to the faculties of Al-Azhar University in Cairo and the regions, stressing that the minimum standard for the summit colleges for boys and girls has been unified.

Dr. Youssef Amer, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, General Supervisor of the Coordination Office, announced the minimum admission requirements for colleges, as follows:

Boys Scientific Department

Cairo College of Medicine in general specialization 97.69%, Damietta medicine in general specialty 97.54%, Assiut medicine in general specialization 97.23%, Cairo dentistry 97.08%, Cairo pharmacy in general specialization 96.62%, engineering Cairo 95.23%, Faculty of Science Cairo in general specialty 91.54%, Faculty of Engineering Cairo agricultural specialization 91.38%, languages ​​and translation general specialization 91.23%, Institute for Technical Preparation of Biological Analysis at the Faculty of Science Cairo 88.92%, Institute for Laboratory Technician Preparation in the Faculty of Science Cairo 86.15%, Faculty of Information 85.38%, Faculty of Commerce Cairo General specialization 81.85%, Faculty of Agriculture Cairo specializes in general 80.31%, the College of Education in Cairo specializes in general 79.85%, the Institute for Database Technical Preparation, College of Science 79.54%, College of Arabic Language specializes in general 62.92%

The scientific section for girls
Cairo College of Medicine 97.69%, Damietta Medicine 97.54%, Girls’ Medicine Assiut 97.23%, Cairo Dentistry 97.08%, Cairo College of Pharmacy General 96.62%, Cairo Engineering College 95.23%, Cairo Nursing College 94.92%, College of Science 94.31% 92%, the Technical Institute for Nursing at the New Al-Azhar Specialized University Hospital in Nasr City, 92.46%.

Boys Literary Department
Faculty of Languages ​​and Translation, general specialization 88.89%, 560 degrees, Faculty of Information 85.63% 539.5%, Sharia and law in the English language with 79.21% 499 degrees fees, Faculty of Commerce Cairo General specialization 78.10% 492 degrees, Faculty of Physical Education Cairo 73.33% 462 degrees, Faculty of Islamic Call in general 56.67%, Faculty of Fundamentals of Religion, Cairo, specialization, 55%, Faculty of Arabic Language, general specialty, 53.49%, Judicial Aides Institute, Faculty of Sharia and Law, Cairo, 51.75%.

Literary section for girls
The College of Islamic and Arabic Studies for girls, the Division of Journalism and Media, 92.22%, the College of Commerce for Girls, Cairo, specializing in 59.52%, the Institute of Judicial Aides at the College of Islamic Arab Studies, Cairo, 69.68%

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