Corona affects 8 players in one team in the French League


The results of eight players and four staff members of the Montpellier team, which participates in the French Football League, have revealed that they are positive for the emerging coronavirus. And that was two days before his match in the seventh stage against host Monaco.

In a statement, Montpellier confirmed that all players and workers will undergo additional checks on Friday. At the time the 12 people who tested positive for the “Covid-19” virus were placed in isolation.

Coach Michel Der Zakarian’s team occupies fifth place in the French League before Sunday’s match at “Louis II” Stadium against Monaco.

And during the suspension of the domestic league to make way for international matches. 15 players from Montpellier participated with their national teams, whether with world champion France or with other teams.

Since the outbreak of the new Corona virus, which caused the suspension of the last season of the French League in March, until the decision was made to cancel it and the crowning of Paris Saint-Germain with the title. Seven players from the team were infected with “Covid-19”, and the first in the entire French league was junior midfielder Sampia, who was hospitalized and put into an artificial coma in late April.

Sampia was followed by Cameroonian international Ambroise Uyungu, Serbian defender Mikhailo Restic and young Thibaut Tama. In addition to playmaker Florent Mollet and young defender Tibo Vargas, who were isolated from the group and placed in quarantine for 14 days.

Algerian international striker Andy Delors was also injured on the eve of the new season. What forced him to miss the first match of his team against Rennes (2-1).

Montpellier, who underwent a difficult experience as a result of a serious heart attack, his former international goalkeeper and assistant director of the club’s academy, Bruno Martini, is seeking to compensate for his loss before the international stop in front of his arch-neighbor Nimes (0-1) in order to remain in the heart of the struggle for the lead on which Rennes and Lyell are seated. Participation with 14 points. As compared to 13 for Tennis, 12 for Paris Saint-Germain, the defending champion, and 10 each for Zakarin and its next opponent, Monaco, Saint-Etienne and Nice.


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