Corona in Tunisia … “The situation is very dangerous” and expectations of tightening restrictions


Intervals Nassaf bin Alia To Reuters news agency, the situation is “very dangerous”, with 2,125 new cases of corona and 52 deaths recorded during the past 48 hours.

She explained that “the virus is dangerous and the number of deaths that have been recorded is high, which requires work to reduce dangerous cases and deaths, the majority of which were recorded in the age group between 35 and 55 years, and more women than men,” according to her estimate.

Tunisian medical sources told Reuters that the intensive care departments in most hospitals Tunisia The public “has reached its maximum capacity, which reinforces fears of the inability to deal with the epidemic.”

The Director General of Health, Faisal bin Saleh, said in a press conference that the number of deaths is expected to double in the coming months.

He added that within hours, tightening restrictions would be announced to stop the outbreak VirusBut he stressed that it will not be there Quarantine Due to its high cost.

The total virus death toll rose Corona To 1150, and injuries to about 55 thousand, amid expectations of tightening Restrictions To stop the rapid spread of the epidemic.

The authorities imposed this month curfew Overnight in the capital and several other parts of the country in an effort to slow the second wave of the virus.

The Prime Minister said the closure was not proposed due to the poor economic situation and its high cost, at a time when the country expects a record budget deficit of 14 percent.

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