Corona patients are less likely to die compared to the first days of the epidemic … Know the details


A new study has found that patients who are hospitalized with the Coronavirus are “less likely to die now” compared to the early days of the epidemic, as experts have found that over the course of the epidemic, doctors have become better at avoiding deaths of people who treat them with Covid-19.

Researchers at New York University found, according to a newspaper report.thesunThere has been a significant reduction in mortality rates among hospital cases, and this has been seen across all age groups and included people with underlying health problems – a factor when it comes to coronavirus severity and survival rates.

The reasons for the lack of deaths are now from the height of the epidemic
The reasons for the lack of deaths are now from the height of the epidemic

While the death rates decreased among patients Covid-19 One of the study’s authors said the death rate remained higher for other infectious diseases – including influenza.

He added that the long symptoms of Corona, as patients, including young people, continue to suffer from the effects of the virus for weeks after infection, can be “very harmful.”

Researchers monitored more than 5,000 patients at a range of hospitals in New York from March to August, and found that the death rate among hospital patients decreased by 18% over the five months.

At the start of the epidemic, people had 26% change in death – by the end of the study this had decreased to only 8%, at the height of the epidemic in the UK, 3,099 people were hospitalized on April 1 – five months later on August 1, that number had decreased. To 50 people.

Coronavirus data indicate that on October 1, 368 people were hospitalized, while on April 1 there were 698 deaths in England, on August 1 there were nine and on October 1 there were 54. This indicates That the second wave in England is not yet as strong as the first peak of the epidemic.

Treatments like dexamethasone have been used in hospitals across the country to treat the virus – which has also drastically reduced death rates.

Additionally, most people are now accustomed to wearing masks and face coverings, while hand hygiene is becoming more prevalent, and experts say this may be beneficial when it comes to the amount of virus a patient actually has.

The study looked at various factors like age and other health conditions, and the researchers adjusted their findings due to the fact that the virus is currently more prevalent in younger, healthier people – while at the start of the epidemic it was more prevalent in older age groups.

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