Corona virus mainly spreads in homes and residential places … Know the causes


A new study published in the journal revealed Science The spread of the Coronavirus is usually through close contact with infected individuals in homes, and household contacts include many forms of high-intensity, close and duration of interaction.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, many studies and discussions have highlighted the relative importance of the different modes of transmission, the roles of symptom spread before symptoms appear and the absence of symptoms, and the transmissibility and transmissibility of specific age groups..

Corona spreads in homes
Corona spreads in homes

She explained the magazine Science Quoting a report from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, that the majority of Corona injuries -CoV-2 It occurs inside homes and other residential settings, including nursing homes.

For example, a study conducted in South Korea showed that among more than 59,000 cases of contact, household contacts are 6 times more likely to contract the virus than other contacts, and moreover, household contacts account for more than half of the identified secondary infections. In the same study.

The research team also found that even among close contacts, some people are more likely to develop the infection. For example, spouses are more than twice as likely to be infected as other family members, while those who show symptoms are more likely to transmit the virus, and the elderly may be at risk of infection from younger family members who work outside the home..

Although transmission is more common in homes and dwellings, community transmission also plays an important role in the spread of COVID-19.

Several people may be infected with COVID-19 Asymptomatic or those who do not have symptoms at the start of the infection, but develop them later, or without symptoms, those who have no symptoms at all.

The viral loads appear to be similar between asymptomatic and asymptomatic patients, although the effects of the infection are unclear, and the researchers wrote that people with symptoms may isolate themselves or seek medical care, but those without Mild symptoms or symptoms may continue to spread in the community


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