Coronavirus: New graduates earn thousands of dollars despite the COVID-19 outbreak and lockdown measures


Joshua Barley, Sony Drinkwater, and Kieran Fitzgerald

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The three friends set up their own company after realizing that the job market would be difficult for fresh graduates

The three friends Joshua Barley, Sony Drinkwater and Kieran Fitzgerald, all of whom are 22 years old, realized that the job market will be difficult for new graduates, especially after the enormous impact of the Corona virus on the labor market became evident in the months of March and April.

Joshua and Sony were old friends from their school days. He met Joshua Kieran at the University of Birmingham, and introduced him to Sonny, who was studying at Bristol.

And the three students, while in their final year of study, realized that job opportunities and graduate programs had disappeared in the spring due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

So they decided to start a company, in which they combined all the experiences and skills they had. Joshua and Sony both studied dietetics, while Kiran was studying the benefits of exchanging gifts in the workplace, as part of his graduate project.

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