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It is not a shame to be a supporter of a political system to the point of intoxication, and admire its love here and there, declaring your total loyalty to it, and it is not a shame to be against this system, revealing your blatant rejection of it, and expressing it in the ABCs of political practice and in the standards of the state’s “national security” which is above everyone in all situations, It is not a shame to be at the midpoint, not tilting or deviating, sometimes agreeing and differing in others, and it is not a shame that your political position on the ruling authority ranges between all of them, for these are logical matters and they are the basis of what happens in all political systems in the world, so the ropes of countries are always stretched across The hand of the existing political “system” is in the hands of the “poles” of the political scene, with its institutions and individuals under “constitutional” sponsorship that guarantees everyone his right and guarantees the state achieving its goals. But the real defect – the whole defect – is to throw your rope from your hand and then jump over everyone’s ropes dancing on it, trying to benefit from all their interests, concealing your true position that, if exposed, we would only have one interest from it, and you covet the gains of others, and gradually turned into a ‘ A monster “without a political identity it was once possible to have a position, or a rope.

These manipulative dancers floated to the surface in abundance in the current Egyptian scene from deep or shallow water, but in all their cases they dance a disgusting, grim dance that arouses disgust.

The dancer announces to the public or private that he does not agree with the state’s policies represented in the policies of the current regime until he gets from them the gains of the opponents, and he confides to the state secretly that he does not agree with the opponents at all and that he practices “Zoroastrian wisdom” in order to reap from the state the gains of supporters in disguise, and go to the owners of capital. And those looking for modern political power centers to announce to them that the state authorities are following his “genius” opinion and fear the side of his “opposition” in order to obtain their money and fear being oppressed by him as well, and to tickle the sentiments of society with his sympathy with some parties, describing him as “objective” and raising his shares, and flattering states and regulations outside Egypt on The account of the state, so they send him money, invitations and hospitality, and thus he accumulates wealth, so he is not a supporter who bears the consequences of his position, he is not opposed to the trumpet of audacity, and it is not subject to respect for both parties, nor between this and that, and it continues thus (with an open materialistic whim) and (an unknown political identity) Or so he thinks .. Why?! … because the current Egyptian state, people, institutions and authority, is smarter and quieter than dancers imagine, sees them from where they do not see them, knows their manipulation, disgusted by their presence, deafening their ears from their false cries and poisoned whispers, and works to curtail them. P Silence, then its ropes extend to all real and serious political parties, even if the quorum is complete, the door to dancing on the ropes of the state was closed without return, and the door to clear positions was opened wide, but the dancers do not understand, because they are now engaged in a crude band dance, oblivious to it will be Their last dance.

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