David Siza reveals the main reason for the departure of Fyler from Al-Ahly


David Seiza, the assistant coach of the former coaching staff, revealed to the team AhlyAbout the main reason for the departure of Rene, the former coach, and the termination of his contract with the Red Devils.

David Seza said in televised statements on the “Al-Nahar” satellite, on the “Number One” program: “I am sad to leave Egypt and we had a wonderful year.”

He added: “I wanted to continue inside Al-Ahly in order to win the African title, and Al-Ahmar is a big club and it is an honor for me to be in it.”

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He continued: “Weiler spoke with me about the general situation, but he did not discuss his decision and did not consult us about it, and I do not know if I will work with him in the coming period or not, and we do not know what the future holds for us.”

And about the presence of training offers for him, Siza explained: “Before that, I received an offer to be a technical director in Europe, but I refused to be an assistant to Fyler with Al-Ahly, but now I do not have offers.”

And about his opinion on the departure of Ramadan Sobhi, he revealed: “It is his decision in the first and last and football is professional, and he is a great player.”

He concluded: “Corona virus is the main reason behind Fyler’s change of plan for his future with Al-Ahly Club and his departure.”

It is reported that Al-Ahly announced at the beginning of this October the termination of the contract with the technical staff that leads it Fyler With the retention of the duo Sami shirts and Michel Yancon coach guards.

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