Death is by the artist Mahmoud Yassin at the age of 79 years


The artist Mahmoud Yassin passed away, at the age of 79, after a struggle with illness.

Amr Mahmoud Yassin wrote, “He passed away, to the mercy of God Almighty. My father, the artist Mahmoud Yassin, belongs to God and to Him we shall return .. I ask you to pray.”

The artist Mahmoud Yassin participated in many artistic works such as “Mama in the section, Waad and Not written, Al-Samah, Abed Al-Minshawi Dynasty, Repentance, Baba in Tania Fourth, Tales of the Sea of ​​Throwing, the Harem Revolution, the Pearl Scattered, Disobedience, Souk Al-Asr, The Garden of Evil Divine love, a dream at the end of the night, behind closed doors, East winds, Abu Hanifa al-Nu’man, against the current, Izbat al-Munisi, Ayyam al-Munira, the people of the road, the wall of the path of eyes, treasures that are not lost, certainty, the diaries of a husband, the daughters of Zainab »

The death of Mahmoud Yassin


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