Delete them immediately .. Hundreds of “Android” applications should be deleted after being banned by Google!


Delete it immediately ... hundreds of apps

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A new warning spread after Google removed more than 240 “Android” apps, in violation of its strict rules.

The warning this time comes via the security team at White Ops, which has detected more than 240 apps that rain down users with intrusive and unwanted ads.

This may not sound dangerous, but the apps violated Google’s strict rules by displaying ads, which are considered out of context. Some even manage to take over users’ smartphone’s full screen.

White Ops called this investigation “RAINBOWMIX” with a variety of apps, which had amassed more than 14 million downloads, and at its peak it had more than 15 million ad impressions per day.

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The apps were often disguised as low-end games, able to bypass security with a tactic called beaming.

As White Ops explains, “A flaw is a program that saves little space and hides the final payload.”

Now, all the infringing apps have been blocked by Google, which means that they cannot be downloaded to new devices.

However, if you have it installed, you can still be spammed through ads, through which internet thieves make huge sums of money.

The full list of applications can be found Here. And if you have any of them on your phone, we recommend that you follow Google and delete them immediately.

Google first announced its initiative to block apps that display out-of-context ads in February.

The company defines disruptive ads as ads that are presented to users in unexpected ways, including impairing or interfering with the usability of device functions.

The changes saw 600 apps blocked in the first month alone.

Source: Express


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