Demands to provide free “influenza vaccine” to eligible groups due to health risks


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Dr. Essam Al-Maghazi, head of the Association to Combat Smoking, Tuberculosis and Chest Diseases, said that seasonal influenza poses a challenge to health systems around the world, especially with the presence of the Corona virus for this year, whose repercussions have not yet ended As the flu causes annually during the winter season, to increase the burden on clinics and hospitals, and the spread of infections that increase the risks and complications of pregnant women, the elderly and children, especially those under the age of 5 years or those with chronic diseases.

He added, that the seasonal influenza virus causes symptoms similar to the emerging corona virus, such as high fever, coughing and shortness of breath, and when the coronavirus pandemic first appeared, most of the country has already passed the peak of the regular flu season, but it is very important to get the flu vaccination this year, and the bodies warn Health We may not face one epidemic, but rather two epidemics.

He continued: It is strange that the price of the vaccine last year was 65 pounds in the vaccine and vaccine authority (Vacira), and a senior official in the authority announced in July this year (that is, from only two months) that the state provides large quantities of flu vaccine in a preemptive step In anticipation of facing the second wave of the Corona virus, and he explained that the price of the vaccine will not exceed last year and will be within the reach of citizens, then the surprise was the announcement by the “Vaxira” authority that the price of the seasonal flu vaccine dose this year is 170 pounds 170 pounds, not including the vaccination service, an increase of about three Fold without any understandable reason, especially with the stability or decline of the dollar.

The head of the Chest Diseases Society indicated that this does not agree with the vision of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, who gave the health sector great importance as one of the most important files that serve the Egyptian citizen, as the president launched a set of health initiatives that would preserve the health of the Egyptian citizen, indicating that the period The coming is very critical, with the entry of schools and universities, the elections to the House of Representatives, the return of activities completely, and the entry of many countries in the second wave of Corona disease, and the vaccine must be provided free of charge to deserving groups, especially workers in the medical sector, the elderly and people with chest diseases.

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