Details of 30 minutes with Mayada Al-Hinnawi: The wife of “Abdel-Wahab” conspired against her and an eloquent made her “bridge” his messages to Warda! | Opinion


Today, the great star, Mayada Al-Hinnawi, celebrates her sixty-one birthday. Writing about Mayada may not need a special occasion, as the owner of the charming voice brought together two generations of “reputation” over the course of her artistic career spanning more than forty years.

So what’s new about Mayada?
Are they tales of jealousy and stardom between her and Warda, whose fuel was eloquent Hamdi?

This is not a story. What many do not know is that Baligh used Mayada’s voice to deliver messages of reproach and flirtation by Warda, with the song “The Love That Was” on top.

Nine years ago, I met Mayada for the first time, specifically in the city of Rabat, Morocco. Mayada kept a lot of her presence, fitness and femininity that time did not write its cruelty on her features. You received me as a teenager waiting for a word of flirtation to answer the first question, you are never hidden from you her remarkable elegance in a short black dress, And a plastic fan cradles her cheeks, and her hair flies in Dalal Shami the love.

The writer Mustafa Hamdi with Mayada Al-Hinnawi

She said: eloquent did not love me as a woman at all. He considered me a daughter or a friend. I used to see him as my spiritual father, and he treated him with dignity and dignity that reflected this relationship. You use it as a “match” to light fires in his story with a flower.

Did you know that Baligh used my voice to deliver a message of reproach to Warda in the song “The Love That Was”?

Here Mayada continues: Every word she composed was I felt like a flower. I asked him: Do you want to make me a bridge?

He smiled and did not deny or confirm, but every look and word from him during the recording confirmed this.

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Mayada Al-Hinnawi is a great voice and a very beautiful woman, and for this reason, the story of her departure and her departure from Egypt remained the cause of rumors about her, before what was said, and the truth remained with Mayada.

I asked her and she replied:

I forgave all that was the reason for my departure from Egypt, but what I can say is that the Prophet Ismail, Minister of Interior during President Sadat’s era, responded to the request of Nahla al-Qudsi, wife of musician Abdel Wahab, who was jealous of the admiration of a generational musician as a singer and thought that this might open the door to an emotional relationship between us The accusation was fabricated for me! ”

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This is an explicit admission from Mayada, but she has many confessions that have passed by her, but she did not change them. Nine years ago, I also asked her about her opinion about Asala’s attack on the Syrian regime in light of what was called the Arab Spring revolutions at the time. Mayada said: I am upset with Asala because She did not respect her country and did not know what was going on about the future of this country.

Mayada Al-Hinnawi and Baligh Hamdi with Asala in her childhood

Years passed and I met Mayada last summer, the disease had possessed her features and she lost a lot of her weight, and her voice exhausted, she had just finished singing at the Mohammed V Theater in Rabat as well, and as if fate had arranged for us in this beautiful country.

I told her: Are you still angry at Asala?

She replied: The one who passed is dead, but I do not like those with noisy situations. Time has passed and it has been proven that Asala is wrong. Is she happy with the state of Syria after all this?

Today we celebrate Mayadas birthday, and we are looking for more secrets in her life, and her collection is still full of stories that I hope fate gives us an opportunity to write or read from its owner.

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