Details of the failure of Al-Ahly’s deal with the former Zamalek game maker


The Al-Ahly club’s negotiations with Mohamed Ibrahim, the Egyptian clearance player, caught the attention during the last period, after Al-Ahly’s negotiations with the player failed despite their reaching advanced stages in the last period.

Ahly He was negotiating strongly with Mohamed Ibrahim, who had previously represented Zamalek, and he negotiated with the Maqasa Club, and the Red Castle officials reached an agreement to actually complete the deal in exchange for 15 million pounds and loan two Al-Ahmar players to the Fayoumi team, and Red Castle officials obtained the player’s approval to wear the red shirt.

A few days ago, the Al-Ahly administration began to think about retreating from completing the deal for technical reasons, and based on the “fatwa” of South African Betso Seasoniani, the new technical director of the team, who did not show enthusiasm to sign the player who was the focus of interest of Swiss Rene Fyler, former Al-Ahly coach.

Moussemiani believes that Al-Ahly has more than one young player and a loaner that can be used better than the inclusion of Mohamed Ibrahim, so Al-Ahly officials decided to withdraw from joining the player.

The management of the Pyramids club, which wants to include Mohamed Ibrahim, leaked news during the past hours that Mohamed Ibrahim was the one who retreated from playing for Al-Ahly, with which the Pyramids administration tried to facilitate the task of joining the player after that.

Mohamed Ibrahim’s transfer to Al-Ahly failed permanently after officials of the Red Castle informed the clearinghouse and the player to withdraw from the deal, as the clearing-game maker’s chances of moving to Pyramids seemed strong.

Tamer Al-Nahhas, the mediator of the deal between the Al-Ahly club and Muhammad Ibrahim, confirmed that there was a mutual desire in the past period between Al-Ahly and Mohamed Ibrahim, to join the team, explaining that Al-Ahly was the most keen and serious to include the player and the Red Castle officials offered a sum of money and the clearing required much more.

He added that the Swiss Fyler, the former coach of Al-Ahly, was convinced of the contract with Mohamed Ibrahim, but the South African Musimane, the new coach of the team, wants to benefit from Al-Ahly players and youngsters in position 10, so the deal of Mohamed Ibrahim was disrupted, and Al-Ahly told Mohamed Ibrahim that the deal had not been completed respectfully, He concluded his remarks by saying, “If the clearing house would not have requested a large sum of money, the deal would have been completed.”


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