Details of the video causing the exclusion of a school principal in Monufia: She banned students from wearing masks


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The social networking site “Facebook” in Monufia witnessed a state of controversy after the director of Gabriel Musa Elementary School in the village of Mit Khaqan, affiliated to the educational administration in Shebin Al-Kom city in Menoufia, published a video of her on the school’s official page on the Facebook site, in which she incites students not Wearing a medical mask.

The school director said, during the video, that it is necessary to adhere to the precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the Corona virus among the schoolchildren, stressing that wearing a muzzle is an unnecessary thing for children and it is not preferred for them to wear it.

The principal of the Gabriel Musa School in Mit Khaqan continued, saying: “Mothers must preserve the health of your children,” asking mothers to prevent their children from going to school if any of the symptoms of the Corona virus appear on them: “The safety of our children is the most important thing.”

After the video was published, a state of extreme dissatisfaction prevailed among parents, so the school principal appeared in another video explaining the reason for asking children not to wear the muzzle, as she explained during the second video, saying: Children use masks wrongly, as they replace them with each other, and this helps On transmitting the virus, stressing that the number of students in classes is very few and there are large spaces between children, there is no need to wear the muzzle, because children use it in the wrong use, confirming during the video that her statements in the videos were very wrongly understood and that she did not mean that.

After publishing the videos, Ahmed Sweid, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education and Technical Education in Monufia, decided today to exclude the headmaster of Gabriel Musa Elementary School in Mitt Khaqan, affiliated to the Shebin Al-Kom Educational Administration, and transfer it to the Office of the Educational Administration, for broadcasting a video on the school page, on the social networking site, Facebook In it, the school’s students are incited not to wear the muzzle, and not to adhere to precautionary and preventive measures, in violation of all the efforts made by the state, to preserve the health and safety of students and teachers.

Sweid stressed that there is no negligence in the implementation of ministerial instructions, and the instructions of the Ministry of Health and Population, regarding methods of prevention and protection from infection with the emerging corona virus, during the school day, and deterrent decisions will be taken, for those who prove their right to commit such violations that will not preserve discipline , The security and safety of students and teachers.

The Manufia Education agent warned those responsible for school pages on the social networking site against publishing any information, instructions or videos that are inconsistent with the educational and ethical framework for which it was established, which is to communicate with parents and students, and to display the school’s activities to prevent legal accountability.

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