Did you complete the plastic surgery? .. Nadine Nassib Njeim draws attention in the latest appearance without scars | news


The Lebanese actress Nadine Nassib Najim has lived in recent months a difficult period of suffering after being affected by the Beirut Port explosion, which caused a number of facial wounds.

The traces of wounds are clear … Nadine Nassib Najim publishes a new photo of her

In her most recent appearance, Nadine shared her audience with an attention-grabbing picture, which she published through the short stories feature for her Instagram account and appeared without traces of wounds or scars on her face, and Nadine did not explain whether the reason was due to a cosmetic surgery she underwent recently, or was it due to a specific filter that hides facial defects She appeared almost without makeup.

The most recent appearance of Nadine Njeim without visible scars or wounds

Nadine Njeim had published a picture of her from the hospital after she was injured in the Beirut Port explosion that occurred on August 4, and Nadine appeared in the picture embracing her two children.

The program “ET Arabic” explained in a report that Nadine was affected by the explosion due to its attachment to the glass panel of her balcony at the moment of the explosion, which exacerbated the injury to the extent that it required 40 stitches, and her blood was spread on the walls of the house.

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