Discover new spyware that can secretly record your phone calls


Android smartphones are among the most popular mobile phones around the world, but if you use Android, a new report may ring the alarm bells for you, as researchers from ESET have warned of a new spy program for the Android platform that can record your phone calls, steal your contacts, and read Your private messages.

According to the British website Mirror, the spyware, called Android / SpyC23.A, is distributed via a fake Android app store, using known apps as a lure, and in a post about the results, researcher Lukas Stefanko from ESET said: “We have identified a fake Android app store used to distribute Malware, “he added,” the malware was hidden in apps pretending to be Android Update, Threema, and Telegram.

“The last two of these inducements have also been downloaded, applications that impersonate full functionality with malware,” he added. Alarmingly, the researchers’ analysis revealed that Android / SpyC23.A can perform a number of actions including, taking pictures, recording audio, deleting files and even Record your screen.

Based on the results, researchers urge Android users to only download apps from the official Google Play Store. Mr. Stefanko added: “To prevent falling victim to spyware, we advise Android users to install applications only from the official Google Play Store, and he continued,” in cases where privacy concerns are prevented. Or access issues or other restrictions users from following this advice, users should be extra careful when downloading apps from unofficial sources.

“We recommend that you check the application developer, double-check the required permissions, and use a reliable and up-to-date mobile security solution,” he added.


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