Doctors reveal the effects of Corona on the bodies of the victims – health statement – Hayat


The chief forensic pathologist in the Irkutsk region, Lyudmila Grishina, revealed the traces that the coronavirus leaves on the bodies of patients who died from this epidemic.

The specialist explained that, “before embarking on the clinical and morphological study of the shape, structure and characteristics of the organs, the doctor carefully examines the history of the disease, the diagnosis, the cause of death, and the results of ante-mortem analyzes, and only then does an autopsy be performed.”

Grishina showed pictures of human organic materials, including an inflamed, bright red windpipe and “rubbery” lungs.

The chief doctor in the Irkutsk region commented, saying: “There is no doubt .. Covid is here.”

The doctor pointed out that a lung infected with the Coronavirus can weigh up to two kilograms, while the normal range is between 350-400 grams.

Grishina showed that the virus infects alveolar cells, which leads to oxygen starvation and acute respiratory distress syndrome, noting that Covid is also characterized by its ability to induce changes that cause vascular clots and blood clots in the pulmonary artery.


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