Does Murtaza Mansour have the right to appeal the Olympic decision to suspend him? Fathy S.


11:58 PM

Sunday 04 October 2020

Books – Muhammad Emara:

Dr. Fathy Sorour, the former Speaker of the People’s Assembly, commented on the sanctions approved by the Olympic Committee on Counselor Mortada Mansour, President of Zamalek Club and member of Parliament, by suspending him for a period of 4 years and fining him 100,000 pounds.

On Sunday, the committee called, the vice president of Zamalek Club, to hold a general assembly to choose a new club president to replace Mansour.

Sorour said in exclusive statements to “Masrawy”, that the committee’s decision is administrative, and therefore it is subject to appeal before the administrative court, adding that there is no administrative decision, which cannot be appealed, according to what the Supreme Constitutional Court said.

On the other hand, Sorour added, the Olympic Committee does not have the right to impose a punishment on a deputy or a member of Parliament, as long as immunity does not expire, or Parliament does not approve that punishment.

Sorour explained that the committee’s decision to suspend Mansour and fine him, is null and void.

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