Does the car air condition consume the engine and gasoline?


There is an over between most of my leaders the cars About the fact that the car air conditioning consumption of gasoline and the engine, what experts paid the cars To conduct a practical experiment to find out and determine the extent of conditioning consumption The Car Of fuel and how it affects acceleration.

Experts conducted a live test on a Mazda MX-5 car with a 2000 cc engine, and the car was reached to its maximum capacity without turning on the air conditioning and again with the air conditioning.

The result of this experiment was that the car consumes 2 kilowatts of voltage produced by the engine, which is not a large number, and this experiment eliminated the doubt with certainty that the car does not work efficiently when the air conditioning is turned on.

Experience also proved that the car does not consume much fuel during the operation of the air conditioner because it also consumes more fuel when opening the windows and increases the air resistance.

And experience also proved that fuel consumption during the operation of the air conditioner increases by two liters for every 100 kilometers the car travels, which is not such a large number that drivers do not turn on the air conditioning while driving.


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