Does the Sarhan in prayer nullify it or diminish its reward?


Sheikh Ahmed Mamdouh, Secretary of Fatwa at Dar Al Ifta, said that the Sarhan in prayer reduces the reverence for it and reduces its reward, but it does not invalidate it.

The Secretary of the Fatwa added, in his answer to the question “What is the ruling on Sarhan in prayer?”, That if a person is constantly in his prayer, then in this way the prayer does not change anything in his life, then he must strive himself when he enters into prayer and remembers that he is standing in the hands of God and that perhaps The last prayer he prays.

He pointed out that the reason for Sarhan in prayer is his entry into it and not looking at it before God Almighty, so a person should know that he is standing in the hands of God and put his gaze in front of the place of prostration so that he will not be released.

Treatment for laziness about prayer


Dr. Ali Jumaa, the former Mufti of the Republic, affirmed that laziness in performing prayer is a test of the strength of the slave’s faith, and his remedy is for a person to resist this indolence and continue to resist and seek refuge in God from the accursed Satan so that he can perform and preserve the prayer, and in this case God will help him to that work, indicating The necessity of not despair and with the passage of time you will find yourself soft and enjoying prayer and doing righteous deeds.

And he added that it is necessary for the lazy and not to be lazy to persevere in remembrance of God outside of prayer .. the remembrance obeys the soul and makes it accept prayer and other acts of worship with love and pleasure for the Almighty saying, “And the remembrance of God is greater, and God knows what you do.”

Is it necessary to repeat the prayer when Sarhan it?

The Islamic Research Academy said, Sarhan in prayer It does not invalidate it, rather it is a misappropriation that Satan steals from the servant’s prayer, and the prostration of forgetfulness is not required as long as he has fulfilled its pillars and duties, but it lacks a major decrease.

The Council added in his answer to the question: “Is it necessary to repeat the prayer at Sarhan and not to be revered in it?” That if a Muslim rises to the prayer, he must feel the greatness of the one standing in his hands, and to fully believe that God, the Blessed and Almighty, knows what he himself was whispering. .

And he continued: If he is very keen to gather his heart on what he says and does in his prayer and not to go with his thought and mind to the right and the left, and if this happens to him, then he must get away from his left three times and seek refuge with God from the accursed Satan, and the spit without spitting, as the spice is an outflow of air only No other spit. ”

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