Early voting in the US presidential election begins Monday in Florida – Reuters


Early voting begins in the US presidential election Monday, in the crucial state of Florida, nearly two weeks before the November 3rd poll.

Republican President Donald Trump, who polls indicates that he is trailing Democratic challenger Joe Biden, will visit Arizona on Monday, after he held a reelection convention in Nevada yesterday, urging his supporters to vote amid signs of the Democrats ’progress in the early vote.

As for Biden, who visited another president’s state, North Carolina, on Sunday, he will visit his hometown of Delaware today, while Democratic Vice President Senator Kamala Harris will travel to Florida to encourage Biden’s supporters to vote early.


Florida is seen by many as a crucial state, which Trump must conquer to win the election. And the southern state has 29 votes in the electoral college, which makes it andNew York With the largest number of votes after California and Texas in the race, 270 votes in the pool will determine the winner in the election.

A Reuters / Ipsos poll from the seventh to the fourteenth of October showed that Biden has 49% support compared to 47% for Trump, with a margin of error of 4 percentage points.

Both candidates’ campaigns poured in with advertising money on Florida, although Biden spent more than his Republican rival.

The Democratic campaign has said that Harris has been tested safe after an aide tested positive for COVID-19 and that she will participate in early voting rallies in Orlando and Jacksonville.


Biden harshly criticized Trump for saying over the weekend that the United States “passed the danger stage” with regard to the Corona pandemic, noting that the rate of new cases in the country rose to the highest level in several months. He continued: “Things are getting worse, and he is still lying to us about the epidemic situation.”

Despite Trump’s infection with the Corona virus and recovering from it recently, he mocked Biden in Nevada for his cautious approach to the epidemic, and Trump mocked those calling for him to listen to the opinions of scientists, saying: “If I had only listened to scientists, we would now be in a country facing a massive recession. “.

The Biden campaign quickly responded. “Coronavirus cases are on the rise and layoffs are increasing,” said spokesperson Andrew Bates. Biden and Trump will meet in a final debate on Thursday, in Nashville, Tennessee.

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