El-Ahly.com provides everything you need to know about the Blailey deal: how it started, financial details, and why it ended


The players’ agent, Ahmed Al-Moallem, the mediator of negotiations between Al-Ahly Club, Al-Ahly Jeddah and the Algerian Youssef Al-Balayli revealed all the details of the negotiations between the three parties in his first appearance in the Egyptian media.

Amir Tawfiq, director of contracts at Al-Ahly Club, denied to El-Ahly.comToday, Sunday afternoon, the rumors about the renewed opening of the file of negotiations between the Red Castle and the Algerian player, which was confirmed by the site earlier, and confirmed again by Ahmed Muallem in the coming lines.

و .جرى El-Ahly.comA lengthy dialogue with Ahmed Al-Muallem, who was a mediator in the negotiations between the two clubs and the player, to reveal everything that happened from the beginning of the negotiations until the entire file was closed and Al-Baili approached joining the Qatari League.

How did the negotiations begin?

Al-Moallem said in his statements, “I was the mediator of the deal between all parties, Al-Ahly of Egypt and its contract manager with Al-Ahly on one side, and Al-Ahly Jeddah and its board of directors on one side, and Youssef Al-Blayli and his father, his agent on the other side, we negotiated the principle of the player joining Al-Ahly Egypt on loan for a season.”

He continued, “There was an acceptance on the part of the two clubs’ management to negotiate the transfer on loan, and the Ahly Jeddah administration gave Al-Balayli the green light to negotiate with the Egyptian club the terms of his contract after almost daily negotiations with the representatives of the three parties.”

And he continued, “Youssef’s father was a Yemeni self by completing the contract with Al-Ahly Club for a period of 3 seasons and not on loan. At a certain stage, matters were almost exclusive and agreed upon between Al-Ahly and Al-Balayli on the material matters that will be revealed at the end of the dialogue.”

And he added, “Suddenly and without introductions, we were surprised by the Ahly Jeddah club asking for additional financial matters, and they changed their minds and stipulated at the time that Al-Balayli leave permanently and not on loan. The decision of the Saudi club management was surprising to us, especially as they welcomed the player’s loan to Al Ahly club or any other club, but then suddenly things stopped completely.”

Zamalek and Pyramids tried to enter into a conflict with Al-Ahly in order to win the services of Youssef Al-Balayli, according to what the player’s father told Ahmed Al-Moallem himself, but the speed of Al-Ahly officials in negotiating and ending the agreement early cut the way for them.

Al-Muallem continued, “Although Zamalek and Pyramids entered the negotiations according to Yusef’s father’s account to me, things were in complete agreement and all the details were clear with Amir Tawfiq, director of Al-Ahly’s contracts, but the change of speech and position on the part of the Ahli Jeddah administration disrupted the deal.”

Zamalek’s entry into the negotiations or feeling the pulse of the player and his father if what Al-Blayli’s agent said is true, is not justified in light of the white team’s list of foreign players, so that the club dispensed with the services of the Angolan Ari Babel despite the agreement with him to join.

Disclosure of all material details

But what about the financial details ?, Here, the teacher stated with details that were revealed for the first time, saying, “Yusef asked for 3 million euros, which is the same salary he gets with the Saudi club, then reduced his demands to 2.5 million. In return, Al-Ahly offered 1.5 million euros besides 200 One thousand euros for the people of Jeddah in exchange for the approval of the loan. “

He continued, “I pressed the Jeddah Ahli administration to waive the amount of 200,000 euros and put it in the player’s salary, which was approved, and Al-Ahly’s offer was approximately one million and 700 thousand, at the same time Yusef reduced his demands to 2 million and 200 thousand euros, after which I spoke with Amir Tawfiq.” And he told me that it is possible to raise the value of the offer to one million and 800 thousand, and that Ahli Jeddah club will bear 400 thousand dollars, and things have become very close and it was possible to pressure the player to agree to only 2 million. “

The players’ agent continued, “Amir Tawfiq then asked to negotiate the material demands of the player in the event that the player’s purchase clause was activated in order to complete the negotiations in full. We reached a formula that satisfies all parties. The deal was supposed to end within 24 hours, but this was not done.”

Why did things go back to point zero ?, Here, the teacher said, “I informed one of the senior officials in the Ahli Jeddah Club of the latest developments and asked me to wait for the second day until he gets the approval of the Council, but I was surprised by him the next day telling me that the council unanimously refused to loan the player and wanted to sell him only. What demolished all the negotiations we reached with Al-Ahly.

Al-Ahly reached an agreement with Youssef El-Belayli at the same time that the management of the Red Castle is close to contracting with Moroccan Badr Bannon, defender of Moroccan Raja Club, officially, meaning that the Red Genie is about to dispense with three foreign players, not just two.

Indeed, Walid Azaro, the Moroccan striker, has left the Al-Ahly club, moving to the ranks of the Saudi agreement, to make it necessary for the coaching staff led by Pitso Mosimane to dispense with a new player to join Badr Bannon, and to dispense with another player if the South African coach wants to support the team with a new foreigner.

The statements of Al-Balaili’s father anger everyone

Al-Muallem began to end his dialogue by talking about the statements of Al-Blayli, the father of the player, saying, “After what we mentioned, Yusef Al-Balayli’s father came out in statements to the Saudi media and criticized the management of my family in Jeddah after changing its opinion from a loan to sale, these statements were enough to make things worse than we expected, Amir Tawfiq was angry with The player’s father’s statements, the officials of Jeddah’s family were also angered by her, along with the anger of the father of al-Balayli at the officials of the Jeddah’s people to change their position, since this moment and the door was completely closed.

Ahmed Al-Moallem concluded his remarks by saying, “Yusef’s father contacted me about 3 days ago and told me that the player is close to the Qatari League, specifically to the Qatari Club of Qatar.”

It is noteworthy that Youssef Al-Baili to unilaterally annul his contract with the Al-Ahly Jeddah Club comes among the reasons that made Al-Ahly club officials decide to withdraw from returning to negotiations for several reasonsFor details, click here


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