El-Ahly.com reveals Al-Ahly’s moves before confronting Wydad … and a warning from Al-Kaf


Egyptian and African football fans in general and Al-Ahly club in particular are waiting for the upcoming Red Genie match against Wydad in the African Champions League.

Wydad will host the Al-Ahly team tomorrow, Saturday, at the Mohamed V complex in the first leg of the African Champions League semi-finals, while the second leg will be held on 23 October.

وعلم El-Ahly.comThat a mission Al-Ahly will move from the residence hotel towards the match stadium at six oclock Moroccan local time seven oclock Cairo local time.

The Al-Ahly mission is scheduled to arrive at the Mohamed V complex at 6.30 pm, Moroccan time, just 10 minutes before the arrival of the Wydad team.

Al-Ahly will enter the match stadium first, to be followed by the Wydad team, and then the refereeing team, led by Zambian Gianni Sikazwe, as part of the CAF plan on divergence rules and precautionary measures against the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

Al-Kaf stressed the need to adhere to the rules of divergence during the process of detecting doping after the match, as the player who will be subjected to the examination must follow the precautionary measures and wear new masks that have not been used before or during the match.

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