El-Ahly.com reveals the details of the transfer deal for Azaro to the agreement


Agreed Officials of Al-Ahly club with its counterpart in the Saudi Al-Itifaq team on the most prominent terms of the transfer of Moroccan red player Walid Azaro to the last during the current transfer period.

Al-Ahly loaned the Moroccan to the Saudi team last January, after leaving the accounts of the former Swiss coach Rene Fyler.

According to the El-Ahly.com The Al-Ahly administration agreed with the agreement on the sale value of the Moroccan player, which amounted to 800 thousand dollars.

According to what he knew El-Ahly.comThere is a clause in the contract that allows Al-Ahly to 40% of the player’s resale.

Some minor details remain in the contract, with the near official announcement that the deal will be completed and Azaros transfer to the Saudi Professional League final.

And some Moroccan newspapers reported that Walid Azzaro insisted on leaving the ranks of the Al-Ahly club, despite the desire in the planning committee of the Red Castle to stay the player in the next season.

It is worth noting that Al-Ahly club has 6 professional players at the present time, namely Ali Maaloul, Junior Ajay, Geraldo, Aliou Diang, Aliu Badji and Walid Azaro, who are not registered in the local list.


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