Eleven candidates for an orphan seat … Parliamentary race ignites in District 13 Ba


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Thursday 29 October 2020

Books – Masrawy:

The electoral competition is burning in constituency No. 13, and it was called the Abdeen district, while it expanded over the past year to include the departments of “Abdeen, Waili, Qasr al-Nil, al-Zahir, and Azbakeya,” to compete for one seat in the 2020 Parliament elections, after more than one district in the previous elections increased the number Its seats are on the one.

5 parties pushed their candidates from that constituency, and they are: The Future of a Nation through the former Minister of Health Ashraf Hatem, the Republican People through Muhammad Abu Hamed, Hama Watan through Sherine Fouad, the National Movement through Salih Khalil, and the Popular Discord via Saleh Suleiman.

We also find a number of Coptic candidates who ran for it, and their chances are increasing, namely Amir Hilal and Gerges Fawzi, which further fueled the elections.

A tour that Masrawy cut in the circle found that the most hanging banners by Ashraf Hatem, Sherine Fouad and Amir Hilal, whose activity in the department shone by speeding up the provision of free services to citizens during Corona, as well as helping the state provide citizens’ needs free of charge at the time, and announcing on his page the readiness to provide services again in the second wave To turn into a distress page, as well as sterilizing it for a number of schools and police departments.

Amir Hilal told Masrawy that he is keen to meet Muslims every Friday after Friday prayers, and Copts every Sunday after Sunday mass, indicating that he was a son of the region from a young age and was familiar with it and its needs, adding: “I did not fall with parachute on the region.”

As for the former Minister of Health, he was keen to hold conferences in public parks and squares, taking advantage of his experience in talking about Corona and addressing the people of the department about the precautionary measures that must be followed, and his reputation is also spreading from his previous positions and media spread.

Ashraf Hatem’s conferences, which Masrawy attended, a number of which were not without the presence of his friends’ doctors and secretaries of the Nation’s Future Party to support him, and he plans to hold a number of conferences before the end of the electoral campaign, and he confirmed in an exclusive interview with Masrawy that he intends to hold two conferences in the presence of a number of his party leaders.

Sherine Fouad told Masrawy, by phone, that his electoral banners have been cut short in the recent period, expressing his anger at the support of a particular candidate within the district.

The parliamentary candidate for the 2005 and 2010 sessions stated that since he was a former deputy, he was familiar with the demands of the people of his district, and that the support of the Egyptian state is not limited to a particular party or candidate, but everyone supports and supports the state.

And the activities within the district were absent for MP Muhammad Abu Hamed, who was keen to run for a third round, and his electoral campaign was limited to a number of banners.

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