Embassy of Egypt in Ethiopia: Accommodation of 52 Egyptian citizens in an Addis Ababa hotel


The Egyptian Embassy in Addis Ababa revealed that its efforts, which it carried out throughout the day with the competent Ethiopian authorities and the Ethiopian Airlines, which showed tangible cooperation, had already taken place, resulting in the placement of 52 Egyptian citizens traveling to Ethiopia on their way to Kuwait, some of whom did not comply with all controls. Quarantine applied in Ethiopia, in a hotel in the Ethiopian capital.

And work is underway, within a few hours, to finalize the procedures for the exit of 24 other Egyptian citizens from the airport and to settle them for the night in one of the capital’s hotels, starting tonight.The Egyptian Embassy in Addis Ababa called on citizens to adhere to all precautionary measures and quarantine instructions applied to all arrivals to Ethiopia, in order to prevent them from being subjected to legal accountability or deportation.

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