Even if Health Bomb I do it .. Useful bedtime habits


Healthy people maintain beneficial habits before bed, ranging from snacking to stretching exercises and listening to pink noises, which we will explain to you through the following:

Useful habits before bed

Eat kiwi

These people snack smartly if you want to snack before bed and kiwi is recommended.

Eating two kiwis an hour before bed for a month has been shown to help adults fall asleep 35% faster and 13% faster, according to a study conducted by Taiwan researchers in 2011.

Stretching exercises

They also perform stretching exercises to avoid leg cramps, which are painful enough to make it difficult for a person to sleep, and this can cause insomnia.

Unfortunately, more than half of adults suffer from these spasms and women are more likely to have them, especially with age.

The solution is to stretch the calf muscles and the hamstring muscles (which are located along the back of the thighs) in the evening. This helps in lengthening the tendons and muscles and can reduce the frequency and severity of spasms, according to a study conducted in 2012 and lasted for six weeks and published in the journal “Physiotherapy”.

Pink noise

Listening to pink noise at night helps regulate brain waves, which is why people stay in the relaxation phase of sleep longer, and participants said they felt pink noise had a positive effect on their sleep.

According to Opera.com, these healthy people also resort to “pink” sounds: like dripping tap water, ticking clocks, which are subtle sounds that can remove sleep from the eyes and irritate a person. Almost everyone has tried white noise to block out sounds, but pink noise might be better. And unlike white noise (ambient sounds across a range of frequencies), pink noise is characterized by steady sounds with lower frequencies. Imagine the humming of a fan or steady rain. (Have you felt relaxed yet?) Listening to pink noise in the evening helps regulate brain waves, so people stay in the relaxed phase of sleep longer, and the participants said they felt that pink noise had a positive effect on their sleep.


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