Exclusive .. The Olympic Committee requests the deletion of the insidious phrases from Mortada Mansour’s stabbing


Intervals Olympic committee In the memorandum: “We ask the esteemed court to order the correction of the case sheet by erasing the outward expressions that contravene morals and public order and the forged documents incorporated in its newspaper because its newspaper is totally invalidated by public order.”

The Egyptian Olympic Committee headed by Hisham Abu Hatab deposited the memorandum in the session that was allocated by the Second Circuit of the Administrative Judicial Court of the Egyptian State Council, to consider the appeal filed by the President of the Zamalek Club against the committee’s decision to stop it.

Mansour, who attended today’s session among his supporters, called on the court to issue its ruling today on the appeal lodged by him, given the sensitivity of the situation, and that the Zamalek club team has an important match tonight in front of Moroccos Raja in the semi-finals of the African Champions League, and that the Olympic Committee is not entitled to it. Club presidents are punished, and he has immunity as a member of the Egyptian parliament, as he described it.

An altercation erupted between Mansour and Muhammad Islah, the lawyer of the Olympic Committee, and Mansour’s supporters tried to infringe on the lawyer, especially after he pleaded with him and accused Mansour of submitting forged documents in the appeal newspaper established by him, and also included in the phrases that violate morality, violate the law and offend the court.

The court guards were forced to evict the Olympic Committee lawyer from another door away from Mansour’s supporters.

The court decided to postpone hearing the case until the first of next November, as the Olympic Committee’s requests included a delay in order to correct the case and delete the offensive phrases and forged documents.

Mansour appeared after the session angry, asserting that what happened would harm his interest Zamalek club He said: “Our Lord covers Zamalek in today’s match.”

The Egyptian Olympic Committee decided to stop Mansour from practicing any sporting activity for a period of 4 years and fine him one hundred thousand Egyptian pounds, calling on the General Assembly of the Zamalek Club to convene to elect a new president for the club, given that the committee investigated several complaints against him from clubs, federations and sports personalities accusing him of violating values ​​and norms.

Accordingly, Mansour filed an appeal before the State Council against the Minister of Youth and Sports, the Executive Director of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Director of the Directorate of Youth and Sports in Giza and the President of the Egyptian Olympic Committee, demanding the cancellation of the decision to suspend it.

The memorandum submitted by the lawyer of the Olympic Committee to the court today, which refused to hand it over to Mansour at the session, stated that the president of the Zamalek club “filled out the statement of the case brought against him by insulting and slandering explicitly directed to the President of the Olympic Committee against whom the fourth contested (in person) and (in his capacity) and false and fabricated facts And forged documents. “

The memorandum, which is uniquely published by Sky News Arabia, says that the law stipulates that “the expressions of drafting cases, memoranda and pleadings shall be in terms and expressions excusing hurtful bites or outrageous words out of respect for the judicial bodies and their respect for them and safeguarding the honor, dignity and reputation of people.”

After the session, there were reports that Mansour had submitted his resignation, but he was quick to deny this through the official website of the Zamalek club, stressing that these are “false and systematic” rumors.


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