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There is one truth, and we have more than one angle through which we look at it, by chance I read on Facebook, the son of the great writer and director Raafat Al-Mihy, as he tells this funny story about his father on the anniversary of his departure, and how Al-Mihi discovered that his eldest son smoked cigarettes behind him.

He said that Professor Raafat was busy writing (Ascending to the Abyss), and the time had passed two oclock in the morning, and the cigarettes had run out, and at this time in the mid-seventies, the shopkeepers also slept like all other people and closed the shop, never before midnight.

Raafat asked his son to bring him cigarettes that he may have forgotten in his room. The son entered the room, and found nothing but his own, a different type from what his father used to do, what should he do? He decided to take two cigarettes out of the box, perhaps his father would not notice the difference, and of course Rafat discovered the game, and joked with him, saying: (Okay, oh ….).

What struck me was the mention of the name of the scenario (Rise to the Abyss) which deals with one of the Egyptian heroic stories, the film on (Tatars) attributed to the great writer Saleh Morsi, the author of the most famous stories that dealt with intelligence tournaments such as (Tears in Shameless Eyes) and (Raafat Al Hagan).

I remembered the old dialogue I had at the beginning of the third millennium with the great director Kamal al-Sheikh, and it was kept by the (Orbit) channel. She is the closest to Kamal Al-Sheikh’s thought, and one of the few whom Souad trusts, but in the end she was afraid of presenting the spy character, and she apologized in the last moments, and the role was assigned to Madiha Kamel so that (Ascension) is her cinematic climax.

We have lived through multiple examples and we can only adhere to the document, for example in 2000 it was shown at the (Biennale of Arab Cinema), which was being held at the Arab World Institute in Paris, two films by Ahmed Zaki (Hysteria) and (Laugh, the picture looks sweet), the jury he was chaired was awarded The Algerian director, Ahmed Rachdi, gave the award to Ahmed. About (Laugh)

You have a movie (Woman’s Youth) by Salah Abu Seif, shown in the year 55, which explained in his memoirs published by the writer Adel Hammouda that Naguib Mahfouz wrote the script, and the story writer Amin Youssef Ghorab objected to placing his competitor’s name next to him, and he managed with some trick to get from the Chamber of Industry The cinema has a certificate proving that he wrote the script, and that is why you will not find Naguib Mahfouz’s name on (Tatrat) .. You also have the radio series (Please do not understand me quickly) starring Abdel Halim Hafez, attributed to the great writer Mahmoud Awad, while the truth is that Waheed Hamed and Munir Amer contributed a greater share. in writing.

What should we do when the document contradicts the truth? … write or be silent? !!.

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