Fast forward … this is the last deadline for electricians to install code meters


In light of some illegally connecting electrical current in buildings, which leads to pressure on the electricity system, the Ministry of Electricity asked citizens to regularize their conditions and install code meters in violating real estate and real estate in which the electrical current is stolen.

A deadline has been set until the end of the current month for violators to transfer from practice accounting to code counters.

The Ministry of Electricity indicated, in a statement today, Tuesday, that it is possible to transfer electronically to the code meter by following the following steps:
Log in to the unified electronic platform and register the required information.
Choosing the type and number of housing units.
– Enter a copy of the card and a copy of the electricity practice report for each unit.
– After the request is accepted, an order number will be issued, and within a few days the applicant will be contacted to install the code for it.

It is mentioned that the code meter is a prepaid meter, and it carries a number and not the name of the owner of the housing unit, and that the consumption accounting system is the same as the accounting system for the rest of the meters according to the electricity tariff and is installed to determine the consumption value of the violating residential units and collect the state’s right from the electricity that it consumes, and the meter is converted The code refers to a legitimate counter in the event of reconciliation with the state and the legal status of the violating property is reconciled, or the property is removed, and in this case the presence of the code does not prevent the removal of the violating property.

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