“Fatwa and Legislation” on dismissing the president of Zamalek: It is not permissible to express an opinion on a dispute pending before the judiciary


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The General Assembly of the Fatwa and Legislation Departments headed by Counselor Yousry Al-Sheikh, Vice President of the State Council, concluded that it was not appropriate to express an opinion on the legality of the decision issued by the Egyptian Olympic Committee to suspend the activity of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Zamalek Club Mortada Mansour, so that the request is related to a dispute that is still pending before the Administrative Court .

The fatwa confirmed that the Ministry of Youth and Sports sent a letter to the State Council in which the General Assembly of the Fatwa and Legislation sections would consult on the extent of the legality of the decision issued by the Egyptian Olympic Committee to suspend the activity of the President of the Zamalek Club, and to call for his seat in the ordinary general assembly of the club, in accordance with the provisions of the Sports Law and the powers vested in the bodies Sports and its general societies and boards of directors

The fatwa added that the president of the Zamalek club had filed two lawsuits before the State Council, in which he called for the suspension of the decision issued to suspend activity for a period of four years, a fine of one hundred thousand pounds, and the call to take his seat in the club’s ordinary general assembly.

She explained that the State Council Law promulgated by Law No. 47 of 19 states: “The General Assembly of the Fatwa and Legislation Sections shall have the authority to express an opinion with reason on issues and topics related to international, constitutional and legislative matters, and other legal matters that are referred to it because of its importance by the President of the Republic or From the head of the legislative body, from the prime minister, from a minister, or from the head of the State Council. ”

The fatwa indicated that what was established by its fatwa, that the competence held for it to express opinion on the legal issues referred to it due to its importance in one of the legally established methods, falls according to the origin on a specific factual situation, including the circumstances, circumstances and other considerations it entails, in accordance with the ruling legal systems. However, it would be inappropriate to address a certain issue by expressing an opinion on it whenever it is brought before the court.

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