FIFA comments on Maritmos ruling against Zamalek in the Ibrahim case


FIFA explained that the case of Mohamed Ibrahim, who was transferred from Maritimo of Portugal to Zamalek, had already been issued by a single judge of the Players’ Status Committee, but the decision was not yet final.

The Portuguese media had revealed that FIFA had ruled Maritimo of Portugal with a sum of one million euros, due to Zamalek’s non-commitment to pay the dues of the contract with Mohamed Ibrahim in January 2015.

FIFA responded through Laila Koras statements: “With regard to your request, we can confirm that the Single Judge of the Players’ Status Committee issued his decision on October 6, 2020 in the case between Maritimo de Madeira and Zamalek clubs regarding the player Mohamed Ibrahim Abu Al Yazid Al-Shennawi.”

And the media spokesman for “FIFA” continued in response to “Yallakora”: “Since the issue is not final and binding yet, we are not in a position to make more comments.”

Mohamed Ibrahim left Zamalek to Maritimo in the summer of 2014, but he returned in the next transfer season, where he joined his former club.


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