FilGoal | News | A message and call from Ahmed Fathy to Al-Ahly fans


Ahmed Fathy, the captain of Al-Ahly, sent a farewell message to the fans of the Red Team after the end of his career with the club.

Ahmed Fathy played his last match with Al-Ahly against Talaa Al-Jaish at the end of the Egyptian League for the 2019/2020 season.

During an interview with Al-Ahly TV, Ahmed Fathy sent a farewell message to the red fans, saying: “The decision was very difficult for me to leave Al-Ahly after 12 years I spent it between its walls during which I experienced many moments of happiness and also other difficult moments.”

He added, “I thank God for the years I spent with Al-Ahly and the club fans who never let me down, and I thank the club’s various administrations as well as the players I played with previously and now.”

“I spent 12 difficult years at Al-Ahly, and in the end, God helped me to leave the club in this way and tell Al-Ahly fans that I will not forget them, and this is the nature of life.”

He continued, “I hope that no one of the fans is angry with me and that I have not failed in anything during my 12 years with Al-Ahly.”

He arrived, “I apologize to any member of Al-Ahly fans who feels angry towards me.”

Fathi concluded his remarks, “I wish Al-Ahly success in the African Championship. What I did is natural, and I will be with Al-Ahly in the final to encourage the team and the players.”


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